What's Up With Buy-a-Run Day? It's about Paying the Poor!

  • Anyone can buy runs for $10 a piece by purchasing an official ticket from 3 different tables, one aside every game at McCarren. A Multiball is worth $20 or 2 tickets.
  • A ticket holder redeems his/her ticket(s) by handing the ticket to the game's home plate umpire.
  • Runs can be redeemed at any time during a game, right up to the 3rd out of the 5th Inning.
  • Yes, the games count in the regular season standings.
  • The Mercy Rule is relaxed to a full 3 inning minimum.
  • All proceeds go specifically to the Food Bank Administered by the Greenpoint Reformed Church.

Results from Our 7th Annual Buy-a-Run Day, August 28th, 2016