Sign Up Here for Gym Class on Thursday from 7-11pm at Automotive High!

Class Options

The Gist of This Shit

  • New Sport Every Week. There will be conventional sports, such as soccer, and unconventional sports, such as Thunderball.
  • Players buy credits for nights. If you don't come, you won't lose a credit.
  • Classes are capped at 20 players.
  • Players can pay at the door and come play if the class is not booked.
  • Classes are one hour in length.
  • Players with class credits can request which hour of the night they want.
  • Yes, you should come with friends, but don't be afraid to make new ones.
  • Women have the locker room to change.
  • Players must wear sneakers and no jewelry.

Automotive High is located on Bedford Ave, the West Side of McCarren Park

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